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Yellow Budgerigar Taxidermy in Frame

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I was able to get my hands on these beautiful pieces and I knew I wanted to do something to honor these magnificent winged creatures. These unique items are put in a black 3D frame with Plastic front.

Product Characteristics and Dimensions:
Black Wooden Frame with plastic front: 17 x 12 cm.
Species: Yellow winged Budgerigar (Most Likely)

-Disclaimer: The birds died a natural death and had a great life full of love.
Species of the birds cannot be 100% identified.

As an animal specialist myself I am very mindful of animal welfare and wouldn't even consider buying anything of animal origin related, if the animals are not properly taken care off. As so my knowledge of bird spices allows me to identify the birds but I cannot be a 100% sure of it. 

I only have two wings available, these are one of a kind they are all unique.
Once the pieces are gone, they are gone!